Live an unforgettable hunting experience of the Mythical Rusa Deer in Mauritius, between turquoise lagoons and endemic forests.

Hunting and nature enthusiasts for a long time, we will make you discover breathtaking landscapes to meet the mythical rusa deer.

The Rusa Deer, or Java Deer present in Mauritius is an indigenous species ...

Jean François, your guide, is a real passionate of hunting and nature.

The Indian Ocean promises you superb big game fishing ...

The Indian Ocean promises you superb big game fishing ...

Are you ready to come join us for an unforgettable experience?

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Client Testimonials

  • Dwayne Passingham
    2 day hunting adventure was amazing with Hunting Mauritius!
    Jean Francois is a great guide, he treats you as if you’re long time friends making the whole time enjoyable, with his son Alan by his side they both have their eyes peeled to find you the best trophies for your hunt. There is a lot of good quality Rusa stags you will not be disappointed at all during a walk and stalk hunt. I was extremely pleased with great quality Rusa stag I was able to take. After doing the walk and stalk hunt I would recommend a driven hunt, it’s amazing listening to all the dogs working the bush moving the herds of Rusa through the territory you are hunting in, it’s a fun and exhilarating hunt to which I was able to take 2 nice does and a younger male to cap off my hunting experience.
    I recommend to everyone if you are down in Mauritius you need to take a hunt with Jean Francois and Hunting Mauritius you will not be disappointed.   Dwayne Passingham. Canada.
    Dwayne Passingham
  • dominika
    Hunting in MRU was dream came True! My husband enjoyed hunting so so much. The scenary of the country greens were amazing ,so he enjoyed not only hunting but also hiking .there is alot of animals to see. Jean is very friendly man and super guide for hunting. He came to pick up us to the hotel and he organized everything very well!I would definitely recommend Jean as a guide for hunting.everyrhing was worth it 100%
  • lukas kolar
    I was looking for a typical deer of more than 34 inches and I ended with this once-in-a-lifetime non-typical deer. 35 inches long by 31.5 inches wide. Only 3 cm behind the local record which is 32 5/8 inches wide. We had a wonderful hunting experience with Jean-Francois from Hunting Mauritius on an exceptional territory. thank you again for this experience. all trophies have been treated and delivered to our hotel within a few days for us to go home with them.
    lukas kolar
  • Nous avons chassé avec Hunting Mauritius 2 jours pour 3 gros cerfs, un super moment en famille, je recommande à 100%!
  • Stephanie Dubreu
    Avec Franck mon époux, dont la passion de la chasse à l’approche est une longue histoire, il aime à dire qu’elle doit se faire dans le RESPECT des animaux : la chance est partagée. Franck repart avec un souvenir sans égal des cerfs de Maurice, un cadeau inoubliable. Merci Jean François, notre Guide remarquable de gentillesse et de simplicité ! Un vrai Mauricien. Merci.
    Stephanie Dubreu
  • giovanni parizelle
    Mon mari et moi-même avons passé une excellente journée de chasse! Merci à Jean-François et notre guide car l’organisation était au Top !!! Bravo Quel souvenir inoubliable! Nous avons vu énormément d’animaux dans un environnement à couper le souffle. A faire et à refaire, de magnifiques trophées sur le territoire.
    giovanni parizelle
  • Jim Robert
    Cher Jean François, Je tiens à prendre un moment pour te remercier chaleureusement pour l'extraordinaire expérience de chasse au cerf que j'ai vécue grâce à toi. Ton expertise et ta connaissance approfondie des territoires de chasse ont été impressionnantes. La quantité de cerfs que nous avons pu observer était tout simplement remarquable, et la qualité de ces magnifiques animaux était tout à fait exceptionnelle. Ton dévouement à assurer la réussite de notre expédition, ainsi que ton souci constant de notre sécurité, ont grandement contribué à rendre cette journée inoubliable. Chaque moment passé à explorer les terres de l'île Maurice en quête de cerfs a été empreint d'aventure et de découverte. Je n'hésiterai pas à recommander Hunting Mauritius à tous ceux qui souhaitent vivre une expérience de chasse unique et passionnante au cerf rusa à l'île Maurice. Je suis reconnaissant d'avoir eu la chance de chasser avec toi. Encore une fois, merci pour tout et au plaisir de se revoir pour de nouvelles aventures de chasse à l'avenir. Bien cordialement, Jim.
    Jim Robert
  • Nejat Uner
    I walked and stalked games many times in my hunting life but never had come so close to my prey before. The Gold Rusa deer which I hunted in the very dense forests of the island of Mauritius measured 32 inches did not even feel that it was being hunted. A wonderful week spent with my family in Mauritius was made possible by the owner of Hunting Mauritius, namely Mr. Jean Francois de Rosnay who perfectly organized my entire hunt and hotel reservation during our stay there.  Nejat Uner
    Nejat Uner
  • Stephen Crees
    My son and I had an amazing time with Jean Francois and his son hunting Rusa deer. We saw some very good stags and even better as the rut had started. We had tea in the bush and at the end of a successful hunt we had a beer in the bush too. We also saw some good pigs going about in this lovely hunting area. Jean Francois clearly has a lot of knowledge and experience in his field and is willing to share. Two fathers with their sons sharing a hunt was just perfect. I would highly recommend. Thanks Stephen and Liam
    Stephen Crees
  • Tibor Banyai
    Perfect weather, beautiful environment, rich wildlife! With the guidance of Jean-Francois, we had a wonderful time. We did a lot of scouting, walked a lot up and down the mountain, but in the end, we found what we wanted and I used the opportunity for the shot. Thanks again to Jean-François and his team for this nice hunt.
    Tibor Banyai
  • Chasser à l'Ile Maurice

    An AMAZING day out! Excellent personalized service by our guide. This country is so beautiful with its breathtaking landscapes. Thanks for the adventurous experience @Hunting Mauritius.

  • Chasser à l'Ile Maurice

    Chasser à l'Ile MauriceSuperbe découverte de la chasse à Maurice. Jean-François est un véritable passionné et se plie en 4 pour vous. N’hésitez pas !