The Rusa Deer, also known as the "Java Deer"

The Rusa Deer, or Java Deer present in Mauritius is an indigenous species, introduced by the Dutch in the 17th century.

Local breeding contributes to the longevity of the breed by controlling reproduction through thoughtful and careful hunting which ensures the good balance of the herd.

The Java Deer is a very difficult cervid to approach.

In addition, its unparalleled camouflage ability, sharp eyesight, highly developed sense of smell and perfect hearing make it a trophy of choice!

The Rusa Deer hunt is done both in driven hunt and approach with a rifle. For bow hunting, you have the choice between hides or approach. In both cases, you will be guided and advised by Jean-Francois who will accompany you throughout your hunting adventure.

Mauritian gastronomy

Mauritian cuisine is a discovery in itself. You will appreciate typical dishes such as Deer Vindaye or Wild Boar roast, served in a majestic place.